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Aamani Bangles
Aamani Bangles
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Aamani Bangles

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See Size Chart

Bangles are the perfect way to adorn the hands in beautiful jewellery, as well as complete the attire. 

Available in multiple sizes

  • 2.4
  • 2.6
  • 2.8
Check the size chart to measure your size. 
Bangles are made from glass

Bangle and Bangle Bracelets without Closures

Using Another Bracelet to Measure

1. Find a bracelet that fits you well.
2. Set it down on a flat surface.
3. Measure with a ruler the inside diameter from one end to the other.
4. Use the chart below to find your size

Size Inner Diameter (mm)  Inner Diameter (Inches)
2.4 57.2 2.25
 2.6 60.3 2.375
2.8 63.5 2.5
2.10 66.7 2.625


Finding the Circumference Using String

1. Take a string or a strip of paper
2. Bring your thumb and little finger together
3. Wrap the string around the widest part of the hand
4. Mark the spot where the string meets. 
5. Measure the string using a ruler and use the chart below to find your size.

Size Inner Circumference (mm)  Inner Circumference (Inches)
2.4 179.6 7.06
 2.6 189.5 7.46
2.8 199.4 7.85
2.10 209.3 8.24